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All leaders are dreamers all dreamers are not leaders


The question is not are you dreaming? Of cause everyone is dreaming, so to ask the question right, you ask, what are you dreaming about?

A Leaders dream is about their followers, they dream how to help them, uplift them, impact their life, and transform their mindset etc. They never dream of exploiting their followers.

When you are in an office position mind the dreams you are having, because your dream defines your type, either as a leader or a ruler. Most are rulers and few are leaders.

Those that have turned rulers are those that allowed their ambitions to cloud their minds thereby creating a deceptive illusion in their heart.

Leaders dream big, they don’t limit their dreams, for instance they take on projects that seem impossible to accomplish. Great leaders on completion of the project they are planning another project.

When you are saying this is good, a great is saying you we can make it better, leaders dream higher than their followers.

A Leaders dream is exponent of change, when your dreams have no trace of impacting others, you are just an ordinary dreamer not a dream leader.

To be a Dream Leader, you must dream the following;
// impact // change // transformation // service // growth etc.

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