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SME Guide

Aham Onyemachi

Aham Onyemachi is a minister of Love, who has dedicated his life to changing lives and economies of nations positively. Integrity is his bedrock, and he recognizes its essential place in both the public and private sectors of the economy. In his view, it is the ultimate trait to be esteemed above all others.

Aham’s success in both his spiritual and professional endeavours can be attributed to his unwavering pursuit of knowledge and passion for continuous learning. Through strategic reading and a keen focus on diverse subjects such as works of faith, business management, IT, investment strategies, and personal growth. A multi-talented professional with expertise in various fields, including accounting, IT, oil & gas, business development, SME consulting, and occupational safety and health. His vast knowledge and experience have earned him high regard within his industry.

He attributes his success to The Holy Spirit and is deeply grateful for his family’s unwavering support. Through his blog at, Aham shares his wealth of knowledge with aspiring and established entrepreneurs, particularly in Africa, to help them run successful businesses.