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Affordable Korean Mackerel Fills Protein Gap for Nigeria

Nigerians seeking budget-friendly protein sources have propelled Korean mackerel imports to record highs, making Nigeria a vital market for this seafood.

  • Korean Mackerel Exports Surge: Korea’s mackerel exports hit a record $167 million in 2023, a massive 63% increase from 2022.
  • Nigeria Leads the Charge: Nigeria, alongside Ghana and Ivory Coast, became top destinations for Korean mackerel, importing over 70% in Q4 2023.
  • Filling the Supply Gap: This surge is attributed to supply disruptions from Russia (sanctions) and Japan (fishing restrictions).

Korean Blue Mackerel: A Win-Win for Korea and Nigeria

While Nigerians traditionally prefer smoked mackerel, the affordability and easy access of Korean blue mackerel have proven attractive. This shift benefits both sides: Korean suppliers gain a new market, and Nigerian consumers secure a high-quality, budget-friendly protein source.

Looking Ahead: Continued Growth Expected

The trend of rising Korean mackerel imports to Nigeria is expected to persist, solidifying Nigeria’s position as a major market for this seafood.

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