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A consulting firm launches targeted training for Bolster Nigerian SMEs amid economic challenges.

The tough economic climate in Nigeria has hit small and medium enterprises especially hard. To empower these businesses to survive and grow, Lagos-based consultancy firm Stage Africa Media & Advisory has launched a new initiative called Small Business Saturday.

The quarterly training sessions aim to equip Nigerian SME owners with practical strategies and skills to strengthen their companies. This includes guidance on critical areas like financial planning, digital marketing, strategic communications, and more.

“With tighter budgets and policies impacting operations, many local companies are struggling,” said founder Omotoyosi Ajayi. “Our mission is to provide hands-on support to navigate these obstacles.”

The targeted assistance could help business revenues, efficiency, and resilience. As SMEs represent 96% of Nigerian companies and 84% of jobs, their success holds the key to economic recovery and employment goals.

By offering actionable solutions tailored to entrepreneurs’ needs, Small Business Saturday strives to not only empower participants but also stimulate growth for sectors across Nigeria. The training may especially aid retail, hospitality, and tech startups facing recent economic strain.

“We want to move beyond theoretical advice to on-the-ground strategies that make an immediate difference,” Ajayi continued. “With the right tools, Nigerian businesses can thrive despite market challenges.”


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