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45 Agro businesses African Agropreneurs can easily start

There are a lot of business that Agropreneurs can start easily in Africa. It is very important that anyone going into any of the business should consider first, where his or her passion is as well as make a detailed research concerning that area of business.

Find below the list of 45 agro businesses African Agropreneurs can easily start.

1. Poultry Farming
2. Catfish Farming
3. Snail Farming
4. Quail Farming
5. Pig Farming
6. Goat Farming
7. Sheep Farming
8. Guinea Pig Farming
9. Beekeeping
10. Rabbit Farming
11. Production of Poultry Feed
12. Cassava Processing Business
13. Yam Flour Production
14. Bean Flour Production
15. Corn Flour Business
16. Chicken and egg distribution business
17. Fingerling Production Business
18. Meat Processing Business
19. Tomato Processing Business
20. Foodstuff Distribution Business
21. Plantain and Potato Chips Business
22. E-commerce Website Selling Agro products
23. Agro-Produce Exportation
24. Fresh vegetables business
25. Cucumber Farming
26. Cassava Farming
27. Orange Farming
28. Maize Farming
29. Groundnut Farming
30. Rice Farming
31. Pawpaw Farming
32. Guava Farming
33. Mushroom Farming
34. Carrot Farming
35. Cooking Spice Farming
36. Soya Beans Farming
37. Yam Farming
38. Tomato Farming
39. Grass Cutter Farming
40. Banana Farming
41. Plantain Farming
42. Breadfruit Farming
43. Palm Oil Business
44. Sugar Cane Farming
45. Potato Farming

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