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16 Basic Qualities of Super-Successful People

One of the major desires of anyone who has discovered his purpose for living is to be successful in life. I mean being successful in every facet of life – in your relationships, family, job, and businesses. And success here, is not just achieving your “small” dreams for yourself. Before you can really be a success, your dreams to be accomplished should be bigger than you are. Your dreams should be more people oriented and just for yourself. For instance, if your dream is to get a good job, have a beautiful wife, nice kids, large home and expensive cars. And if you are able to achieve all these in good time, you may consider yourself successful. Yes! You are. But, what you achieved were just part of the “complete” success. Your success should not just be for you and your immediate family but touch those around you, for it’s people around you that will actually determine if you are truly successful or not. I’m not saying you can’t know whether you are a success or not, but it would be better for your success to be obvious and for people outside your family to really see you as one.

You will be happier seeing your life imparting more positively on the society and people around you than just you and your family. That’s exactly what success does. So, the more successful you are; the happier you become. Becoming super-successful is not really an easy task. There are 16 basic qualities that are needed to be imbibed by those that want to be super-successful. Some of these qualities are built-in parts of your inherent personality, and some of them get developed over time with your conscious effort.

1. Highly successful people do have and always apply common sense in their daily activities and relationships. Common sense simply means being able to exactly know what to do at any particular point in time. Once someone with common sense act, he would’ve acted accurately and it would be obvious that his actions were good match for the circumstances that prompted his actions. This special knowledge here is mainly gained from experience as well as from everyday life affairs. Successful people always put extra effort to learning from life itself; knowing fully well that real knowledge consist in what happens around them and knowing how to deal with them appropriately.

2. They have good understanding. They have the ability to observe and explain the meaning or the nature of somebody or something. This gives them advantage in handling difficult issues with ease as they will always have insight into what ought to be done, as well as how and when they ought to be done. Good understanding makes them to also empathize with those around them and this helps a great deal in building healthy relationships. The thought pattern will determine how well or otherwise someone’s understanding will be, because someone’s understanding is a function of his thought. What I mean here is that people are limited by their thought because no one can have more understanding than what he has thought about before.

3. They are specialists in their areas of interest. Despite the fact that highly successful people do have an open mind in all subjects, they always have areas they specialize in – areas they have authority in. They can not afford to be jack of all trade but master of none. Rather, they find an area of concentration to harness and explore for the addition of value to mankind. They do what they know how to do very well.

4. They are selfless. Highly successful do what they do not mainly because of selfish interests, but because they want to make the world around them better than they meet it. You may see them with ‘luxuries’, but their lives do not consist in those “luxuries”. If you have the ability to see beyond your optical eyes, you will notice that their major interest is to impart the world around them positively.

5. They are highly disciplined. Highly successful people are not influenced by what goes on around them. On the contrary, they determine what happens around them most of the times. They don’t do things because everyone else is doing those things. But they do those things that will be contributory to their success even if they are some worth difficult. They consciously live a life of self-restraint.

6. They are hard working. They are industrious and diligent and always ensure that all that is needed to be done is not left out. They do not leave out today’s job for tomorrow. And they always make sure they work smart in their quest for greater accomplishments.

7. They are people of high integrity. Highly successful people do not profess to believe what they don’t believe. They are trustworthy as well as straightforward in their dealings with their contacts. Their yes is always yes to anyone anywhere at anytime.

8. They are greatly committed to whatever course they believe in. Highly successful people do not take lightly any venture they undertake. They always ensure that they put in all their best to succeed in any of their endeavors as well as responsible for what they stand for. No matter what it seems the results of their action or inaction are going to produce, they always maintain their grounds.

9. They are good communicators. Highly successful people know how to successfully pass across their thoughts to those they are meant for without causing any ill will. Their words are well fitted and always carry the right message at any particular point in time.

10. They are focused. Highly successful people know what they want from life and do go for them no matter what the circumstances or state of things at the moment are presenting to them. They understand what is needful and how to separate what is and what is not important from their clustered daily activities. Despite they accomplish a lot; they don’t get involved with so many projects at a time, rather they ensure that each of their projects is followed and attended to as they planned.

11. They are self-confident. Highly successful people feel great about themselves and their abilities. They are not afraid to take risk and make difficult decisions. Self-confidence is the will power to refuse to be afraid and shy in any condition one finds himself. And it can be developed over time by training.

12. They are creative. Creativity here is the ability to use your perceptions and come up with new solutions to old problems, get things done in a different way or find a totally different approach for usual phenomena. Highly successful people are always in creative thinking of how to meet the felt needs around them.

13. They have the ability to lead others. Highly successful people have that charisma of leading others and getting tasks easily done by other people. They understand every member of their team and know how to carry them along.

14. They are humble. Highly successful are not arrogant at all. They give everyone around them the respect due to them. They know how to carry anyone along without hurting peoples’ feelings. Despite their humbleness, they know how to draw a line between timidity and humility.

15. They have positive mentality. They always see opportunities where others see problems as well as on the look out for needs around them and constantly thinking of how to meet those needs. They always look at the brighter side of life and help those that don’t see life the way they do. They are always self-motivated.

16. They don’t procrastinate. Highly successful people don’t have the habit of needless delaying where prompt and decisive actions are needed. They always start when their plans demand so and don’t wait for a “perfect time” to start, as “perfect time” may not always be determined easily.


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