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10 Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria that Anyone Can Start Immediately with Small Capital

The way things are getting tough in Nigeria is becoming more alarming. Unemployment is on the rise and underemployment is the order of the day. People’s salaries are not enough for their needs at all as the inflation rate is eating deep into the economy.

We have done our research and discovered that, there are still businesses that people can start in any of the states in Nigeria without challenging financial obligations and still make decent daily income.

Below are 10 daily income business in Nigeria that anyone can start immediately with small capital.

The good thing here is that each of these businesses can be started with little capital that anyone can afford. But each of these businesses has the capacity to grow as big as any big business anyone can think of.

How big you make any of these businesses you choose to go into is determined by your passion, plans and vision for the business.

  1. Cleaning Services

If you like cleanliness, you can create an instant business cleaning residential apartments or business environments. All you need here, is the passion for clean environment and basic cleaning skills. The materials you will need to start the business are always affordable.

You can start from cleaning your house, and once you are sure that you can do that perfectly for others; you can then start marketing your service to your neighbours and those that are in one way or the other related to you.

Be prepared to render this service free to some people as a way to market your service.

  1. Mobile Car Wash Services

Mobile Car wash is a business that is guaranteed to bring in daily income. You can render this service for your neighbours in the morning or evening depending on their schedule.  You can also meet car dealers for this service.

Before you start mobile car wash business, we recommend you learn about professional car washing so that your clients will prefer that you do the job for them over others and they will also recommend you to their friends and relations.  Anyone can afford all the materials needed to start this business.

  1. Laundry services

Laundry services business can easily be started without stress and it guarantees steady daily income. You need to learn the basics of caring for different kinds of clothes before you start. You can start in your compound or go and do the laundry in your clients’ homes. You have to figure out how to be operating before raising enough funds for an office space and to purchase bigger laundry machines.

  1. Freelance Writing

If you can write well, you can easily start writing for different people or organizations on freelance basis. There are a lot of organizations and individuals looking for great writers to be writing their articles or other posts.  You can contact some of the individuals or organizations in those niches you write on and negotiate your price with them.  All you have to do, is to ensure that you develop a unique way of writing that will always stand you out from the crowd.

  1. Food Vendor Business (Mama put)

If you can cook good food, food vendor business, popularly known as mama put; can be a business you can consider to be generating daily income for you. You have to be hygienic so that anybody can eat your food. And, you have to look out for those that require food at different time intervals and supply them the kind of food they need.

  1. Plantain Chips Business

Plantain chips is among the popular snacks in Nigeria. There is always market for it as long as your chips taste grate and is well packaged. There is always an opportunity for anyone that wants to start a plantain chip business. You can decide to retail the plantain chips yourself or supply stores around you.

  1. Fried Dough Foods Business

Fried dough foods are also popular and can make anyone decent income daily. The popular ones in Nigeria are doughnuts, bean cake popularly known as akara, chin chin and others. You can choose any of them or combine two or three to start up a business on this line. If you learn how to prepare any of them for that unique taste that people are looking for, you will be in business and you will be happy you did.

  1. Sliced Fruits Business

This is another business that can bring in decent income on a daily basis for anyone that loves good hygiene and wants to be of service to people. You can start this in your house. You can retail it yourself or contact restaurants you will be supplying your sliced fruits.

  1. Popcorn Business

Popcorn is another snacks loved by people and if anyone goes into the business, that person will surely succeed if he or she puts in the rights effort. If you want to go into popcorn business, we will advise you to learn everything about it as well as choose a good location. Here, location and the hygienic nature of the place is very important; as this will determine if all that will be arrested by the aroma of your popcorn will be able to buy from you.

  1. Fashion Designers’ Representatives Business

If you love fashion, this is a business you should go into and you will be happy you did. You should learn the basic skills required for this business, like learning body measurement for sewing, understanding different kinds of fabrics, trending styles, etc. After you have done your homework, you can choose a brand name if you want; although choosing a brand name can position you better in the future.  You should then contact Fashion Designers and Tailors that sew different kinds of outfits and tell them that you will be bringing jobs for them. Aba, in Abia state is a great hub for Fashion Designers and Tailors that are serious for business.

Armed with your catalog, you go out there and meet the kind of clients you want. You have to note that you need to dress well to make a great first and lasting impression. And, you have to choose the caliber of customers you want to serve.

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